Wednesday, February 22, 2006



In My Own Words:
I grew up in the dirt.with many family menbers and friends,just like the waltons lol. learned my family values there,they have stayed with me.then moved to the city and became a little wiser.I can be dressed up or server plain.An a little older with no roots of my own but would like one.this potato is solid and white skined.This potato enjoys getting out and doing stuff but has a dry sence of humor.If your looking for a snack put me back,I am looking for a home not a motel.So have dinner with me and see what comes with this potato for side dishes.

I'm posting Potato Guy in honour of my trip to Prince Edward Island.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


"Goes down easy comes up smooth."

In My Own Words:
Help me help you.
"That was the best," she said. I didnt know whether to believe her, it wasn't the first time.

Monday, February 20, 2006


"I like hot guys"

In My Own Words:
II have a very dry sense of humor but it's a good sense of humor. For example, I was laughing out loud by myself on the subway and I think it scared the schoolgirl next to me, and that only made me laugh harder.

Honest to a fault.

I think this woman is insane, she actually spelled out the words "laughing out loud."


"Are you ready beautyful? ;)"

In My Own Words:
Hi girls, that is weird to use the online dating services, it sounds like ok! anyway! Here I am and I will get the best of it. Are you like ready to get crazy... your looking for some fun and simple pleasure? I did not find the one that make me up to do everything, it might be you beautyful, honny! I guess this is the right place, I do sound like a newspapaer small announcement in the section; for sale. Ok you can take it that way, I am looking to make you smile, make you feel hot, sexy and warmy! If youre ready, just get ready, send me an email, i wanna hear from you and we will go from there to...who knows, lets give us a chance, youll fast find out that it was the right choice...i am pretty sure! you have read the text so thats a good start, now, thats up to you!

P.S: Sorry for the Fench accent and the huge fish on the picture, was the only one available for now!! haha!


"Ask me about my favorite fetish!!! The name is the same on Y!"

In My Own Words:
I hope getting a chance too, would be a wonderful surprise for me. I'm looking forward to be successful! Thanks for any message from all the nice ladies around my home!
I wonder why attached men don't have a chance.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


"looking for a cool man"

In My Own Words:
My friends would describe me a good person

My ideal date do what i have being advise to do

The feature that captures my attention the most love

In our spare time my ideal mate and I to advise my lover.

I could never live,romacing,reading e.t.c

My greatest guilty pleasure is...kidness to others

I appreciate the...partner that care about me and my families in the terms of condition.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


"But you write such pretty words..."

In My Own Words:
Let's make cupcakes!!!

I like sitting on the bench by the highway with my friend Travis and waving at the traffic.

I like taking polaroids and giving them cryptic titles/captions.

I like writing music. recording music. performing music. listening to music. hitting people with musical instruments.

I like cute and cuddly. I like dark and twisted.

I like robots and cowboys and ninjas and astronauts and pirates and monsters.

I like rainy days-- I like cold days-- This sometimes produces snow (which I coincidentally like).

I like practically every artistic field.

I like nerdy things like classic era video games, sci-fi, computers, and retro-technology in general.

I like to write- especially short stories. Particularly to people who are easily bored.

I like going on walks. I like walking on goes. I walk liking go ons.

I like girls. Sort of.

I'm a very giving person. My happiness is generally derived from trying to make others happy. So I appreciate someone who has opinions of their own and is willing to tell me what I can do to help make them happier.

I am keen on the simpler elements of a relationship (snugglin by the fire, snugglin under the stars, snugglin while on the run from giant evil mantis-people, etc.) I try my best to make things fun and eventful, but I have no problem with just laying around.

creative girl + intellect + wit = indescribably beautiful

An excellent sense of humor is very important to me... I dig off-the-wall girls. Quirky is cute.

However, dating is not my primary objective here... Should the opportunity arise, I woudn't be completely opposed, but I am more interested in movie-mates, baking-buddies, thriftstore-teamsters, concert-confidants, or any other alliterated combination of activity-accomplice type persons of a friendly nature... They don't exactly have a "friendship" category on this site. Join me and together we will rule the universe!

Join me, and together we will rule the Planet of the Cupcakes.

Friday, February 17, 2006


"are good men ment to be alone?"

In My Own Words:
hello my name is lee and i live out in plant city. i have a house and work in the IT field writing softwere for a major company in Tampa.

i am hoping to find a good woman that knows what love is. I have faults but i know that and try to work arond them, but then who does not have faults. If you like who i am and can accept me for who i am then we are off to a good start.

i am a open minded indavidual that is a bit of a computer geek but with my job that is expeted. I have had a facention with airplanes since i was 6 weeks old thanks to my dads incuragment. I got my pilot licence back in 2003 have not been abel to fly much last year but hopping this year will be better.

I started taking karate lessons at the end of 2003, it has helped me mentaly as well as physicaly and continue to work out 2 to 3 days a week.

so now comes you descision point, you are thinking " do i send him a smile and see if he likes me by writing me?" be brave smile at me its free. if you have a filled out profile you are more likly to get a response as i have something to go on. pic is nice but not nessary for me to respond. i am looking for a person to be a companion for a long time. looks fade in time but the soul will be stong a lot longer.

good luck to all and rember to smile when walking down the street never know who is falling in love with you.



"Gift wrapping included......."

In My Own Words:
I am not very picture eyes have been known at times to be shut,my mouth talking,etc.....Have been told by many that i look much,much better in this pic can work in my favour....It's kinda like telling your parents to expect C's on your upcoming primary report card only to show the B' bit of reverse psychology.....So if we ever get to the coffee part you might be mildly surprised!!.....Now gettin to the coffee part......hmmmmmmmm. About me ,here goes....I'm a very strong and sweet person. Considered by most to be tall,dark and handsome ... somewhat shy at the beginning. I always lead by example and live by the virtuses -kindness,happiness and doing the right thing everytime. Lastely, I have a funny streak to go along with my laid back style.I start the day with a smile & laugh and generally try to end it that way............never too serious,but can be. Looking for an attractive lady whose somewhat shy(maybe reserved would be a better word - i.e. nobody who gets hammered and then starts dancing on wedding and slim to average build.......whose not a party girl......!!!!!......I'm a nice guy looking for a nice resumes required!!!!!! can cook and can put my dishes away also(so I'm not looking for a mother i say more.........I believe for every King there is a Queen..Now this is only a generalization and I realize that there is no perfect woman out the more pluses in your favour the better!!!......Feel free to send a backstage pass it would be fair because i have produced a pic of myself!!...Best of Luck to all!!!!......If you like good surprises.....drop me a line!!!.......Ciao

Final LOL count: 7 LOLs.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


"Is Your Name Geens?"

In My Own Words:
Looking for someone to named geen to feel. Are you that one? Let me know if you are interested as I like to be filled too!