Monday, February 20, 2006


"Are you ready beautyful? ;)"

In My Own Words:
Hi girls, that is weird to use the online dating services, it sounds like ok! anyway! Here I am and I will get the best of it. Are you like ready to get crazy... your looking for some fun and simple pleasure? I did not find the one that make me up to do everything, it might be you beautyful, honny! I guess this is the right place, I do sound like a newspapaer small announcement in the section; for sale. Ok you can take it that way, I am looking to make you smile, make you feel hot, sexy and warmy! If youre ready, just get ready, send me an email, i wanna hear from you and we will go from there to...who knows, lets give us a chance, youll fast find out that it was the right choice...i am pretty sure! you have read the text so thats a good start, now, thats up to you!

P.S: Sorry for the Fench accent and the huge fish on the picture, was the only one available for now!! haha!


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